Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nature of Island Artists Show at the Goldstream Nature House

Incoming Tide, Goldstream Estuary Acrylic Painting 12x24 (SOLD).

I spent Saturday at Goldstream Provincial Park where the Nature of Island Artists show is underway. Once again the naturalists there have done a great job at converting the Nature House to a art gallery, and once again, it has transformed beautifully. Leah and I know how much work it is to do that, and my hat is off to the naturalist and the rest of the RLC staff that did it this time. I spent a way-too-short hour looking at the art and then I set up to paint the estuary of the Goldstream River.

Incoming Tide,Goldstream Estuary was the result. I was very tempted to call the painting "Carol's Mud" after the late Carol Berryman, naturalist and story-teller extrodinaire, friend and mentor. Carol loved the estuary and revelled in getting school kids barefoot and tromping around in the muck of the estuary, explaining things like why the mire smelled of rotten eggs, or the intricacies of the life history of the parasitic Dodder that grows on the asters that grow there. Carol represented the best type of park interpreter, she had a love of the park system that never ended, an enthusiasm for every living thing in it, and a gift for sharing that enthusiasm. Carol was a big fan of the art show at Goldstream and first developed her program where she took on the part of Emily Carr during one of the early shows.

I highly recommend visiting Goldstream Nature House (
The show is on until October 12..while your there admire the mud, and say hi to Carol for me.

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